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Evidence of prehistoric dentistry has been limited to a few cases, the most ancient dating back to the Neolithic. Here we report a 6500-year-old human mandible from Slovenia whose left canine crown bears the traces of a filling with beeswax. The use of different analytical techniques, including synchrotron radiation computed micro-tomography (micro-CT),(More)
Background. Directional coronary atherectomy has recently become available to treat coronary stenoses. This study was performed to determine the relation of patient characteristics and stenosis morphology to procedural outcome with directional coronary atherectomy to gain insight into which patients might be best treated with this device. Methods and(More)
To establish comprehensive criteria for detecting restenosis and remodeling, inter- and intraobserver reproducibility of quantitative arteriography in the analysis of 20 lesions immediately after and 6 months after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) were assessed. Geometric single-plane (minimum, maximum, mean diameter and percent(More)
Changes induced by nifedipine (10 mg sublingually) in the residual luminal diameter of significant (greater than 50 percent) coronary lesions were assessed angiographically in 69 patients with effort-induced angina (group 1), in 22 patients with mixed angina (group 2), and in 14 patients with Prinzmetal's angina (group 3). These changes were related to the(More)
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