Nicola Corciulo

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OBJECTIVES (a). to explore the relationship between waist circumference and certain cardiovascular risk factors in a group of girls; and (b). to assess the clinical relevance of waist circumference in identifying girls with higher cardiovascular risk across puberty. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One-hundred and fifty-five overweight or obese girls aged 5-16 y were(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM The prevalence of children with hypertension is increasing, especially in obese children. This study was to assess the relationship between blood pressure, indexes of adiposity, body fat distribution and insulin resistance. METHODS AND RESULTS SAMPLE 1044 children (M/F: 484/560; aged 6-11 years). Anthropometry and blood pressure were(More)
Obesity in childhood is associated with the presence of complications that can undermine health immediately or in the long term. Several conditions, such as pulmonary or orthopedic complications are strictly associated with the severity of overweight, since they are directly associated to the mechanic stress of fat tissue on the airways or on the bones.(More)
OBJECTIVE Being overweight or obese is one of the most common reasons that children and adolescents are teased at school. We carried out a study in order to investigate: i) the relation between weight status and school bullying and ii) the relation between weight status categories and types of victimization and bullying in an outpatient sample of Italian(More)
OBJECTIVE to investigate the presence of eating disorders (ED) and psychopathological traits in obese preadolescents and adolescents compared to normal-weight peers. DESIGN Overweight/obese patients aged 11 to 14 y and normal-weight peers' data collected by means of self-report questionnaires administered to parents and children. SETTING Clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Research has provided evidence that obesity is associated with peer victimization and low levels of self-concept. No study has examined the relationship between BMI z-score, self-concept in multiple domains, and peer victimization. METHODS The aim of the research was to investigate the interplay between BMI z-score, self-concept in multiple(More)
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