Nicola Christensen

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of urinary incontinence (UI), overactive bladder (OAB), and other lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in the Czech Republic, Russia, and Turkey. METHODS Stage one of this population-based survey consisted of computer-assisted telephone interviews to obtain prevalence estimates of storage, voiding, and post-micturition(More)
Cervical necrotizing fasciitis is a rapidly progressive infection that involves the superficial and deep cervical fascia. Underestimation of this severe neck infection can delay diagnosis and treatment of this often fatal disease process. Three new cases, all with mediastinitis and fatal outcome are presented. Early diagnosis, aggressive surgical treatment(More)
To evaluate the effect of photodynamic therapy on human parotid tumors we used tumor specimens obtained from parotid surgery on a consecutive group of patients. The tumors were transplanted into a subcutaneous pocket of nude mice. The original human tumors were pleomorphic adenoma (four), adenolymphoma (one), acinic cell carcinoma (one), sarcoma (one) and(More)
A double-blind, crossover study was carried out to assess the efficacy and tolerance of a sustained-release tablet formulation of ketoprofen given as a single daily 200 mg dose compared with 2 X 50 mg normal formulation capsules of ketoprofen twice daily. Eighty-four patients with osteoarthritis of the hip and/or knee were admitted and received treatment(More)
A material of 286 patients or 545 ears submitted to operation for protruding ears operated by Stenströms and Nordzells surgical procedure over a period of ten years were reviewed retrospectively. One hundred and sixty-three patients were clinically investigated and interviewed. The mean observation time was eight years. Satisfactory results were obtained in(More)
In a ten year period from 1986-95 433 patients were submitted to operation due to benign tumours in the parotid gland in Copenhagen County. In this study we made a retrospective analysis of the surgical outcome. The incidence was calculated to be 6.8 benign tumours in the parotid gland per 100,000 persons per year. The histological distribution showed a(More)
The great auricular nerve is often sacrificed in superficial parotidectomy, even though its posterior branch often can be preserved. By cautious dissection of the great auricular nerve it is possible to preserve the posterior branch in 70.5 per cent of the operations. Ninety-five patients who had undergone superficial parotidectomy were included. A(More)
Out of 494 parotid gland tumours treated in Copenhagen county (population 600,000 inhabitants) in the period 1986 to 1995, 50 patients (tumours) were proven to be malignant, making an incidence of 0.62/100,000 per year. Age ranged between 14 and 87, mean 64 years. According to the UICC classification system, six tumours (12%) were classified as stage I, 23(More)
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