Nicola Cathcart

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Spoken dialogue systems would be more acceptable if they were able to produce backchannel continuers such as mm-hmm in naturalistic locations during the user's utterances. Using the HCRC Map Task Corpus as our data source, we describe models for predicting these locations using only limited processing and features of the user's speech that are commonly(More)
  • Marco Kuhlmann, Ralph Baldridge, Denys Debusmann, Katrin Duchier, Geert-Jan Erk, Joachim Kruijff +12 others
  • 2002
This thesis shows how constraint programming can be applied to the processing of Categorial Type Logics (CTL). It presents a novel formalisation of the parsing task for categorial grammars as a tree configuration problem, and demonstrates how a recent proposal for structural constraints on CTL parse trees [11] can be integrated into this framework. The(More)
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