Nicola Carta

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The prototype of an electronic bi-directional interface between the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and a neuro-controlled hand prosthesis is presented. The system is composed of 2 integrated circuits: a standard CMOS device for neural recording and a HVCMOS device for neural stimulation. The integrated circuits have been realized in 2 different 0.35μ m(More)
Dataflow Model of Computation (D-MoC) is particularly suitable to close the gap between hardware architects and software developers. Leveraging on the combination of the D-MoC with a coarse-grained reconfigurable approach to hardware design, we propose a tool, the Multi-Dataflow Composer (MDC) tool, able to improve time-to-market of modern complex(More)
Dataflow specifications are suitable to describe both signal processing applications and the relative specialized hardware architectures, fostering the hardware–software development gap closure. They can be exploited for the development of automatic tools aimed at the integration of multiple applications on the same coarse-grained computational substrate.(More)
In the last few years, efficient resource management turned out to be one of the major challenges for hardware designers. Strategies of reusability through reconfiguration have demonstrated interesting potentials to address it, providing also power and area minimization. The Multi-Dataflow Composer (MDC) tool has been presented to the scientific community(More)
A recording module for peripheral neural signals is presented. The proposed device, based on a sigma-delta architecture, is made up of two main parts: an analog module as front-end stage for neural signal acquisition, pre-filtering and sigma-delta modulation and a digital unit for sigma delta decimation and system configuration. The analog module provides a(More)
The regional environment protection agency (ARPA) of the Aosta Valley region in north Italy performed a survey of magnetic field triggered by the power supply network in high, medium and low voltages on the entire area of Aosta town. The electrical distribution system for houses was not however taken into account. The aim of the survey was to evaluate the(More)
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