Nicola C Scott

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Nifedipine preferentially blocks contractions of the prostatic end of the rat vas deferens to single pulse field stimulation, leaving the epididymal end largely unaffected. This action is not due entirely to antagonism of calcium influx. Verapamil unexpectedly potentiated the responses of the prostatic portion, and antagonized those of the epididymal end.(More)
1. Series of pyridylalkyl- and substituted phenylalkyl-trimethylammonium salts, triethylammonium salts, diethylamines and di-n-propylamines have been made. The substituents in the benzene ring were nitro, chloro, bromo, methoxy, hydroxy and amino groups and the alkyl residues had one, two, or three methylene groups separating the aromatic nucleus from the(More)
BACKGROUND The histamine H3 receptor plays a critical role in the negative neuromodulation of neurotransmitters involved in cognitive function. H3 receptor antagonists/inverse agonists have been shown to exert pro-cognitive effects in pre-clinical models. GSK239512 is a potent and selective H₃ receptor antagonist developed for the treatment of cognitive(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To provide reference data on sleep duration throughout childhood and explore the demographic characteristics associated with sleep. DESIGN Population-based prospective longitudinal birth-cohort study. SETTING South-West England, children born in 1991-1992 and followed since birth. PARTICIPANTS Eleven thousand five hundred children(More)
The purposes were to determine the direction and extent of change in a medical student's ability to relate to patients between the sophomore and senior years, to assess the degree of predicted senior year performance from the sophomore year, and to determine the reliability of two major methods: interaction analysis (IA) and global faculty ratings.(More)
Adrenergic and 'non-adrenergic' nerve-induced contractions in rat vas deferens were separated pharmacologically. Responses to single stimuli comprised two components, an alpha-noradrenergic component (IIs), dominant in the epididymal portion, and a 'non-adrenergic' component (Is), dominant in the prostatic portion. Is but not IIs was blocked by nifedipine.(More)
Application of exogenous ATP or of noradrenaline (NA) produced responses in bisected rat vas deferens which mimicked the biphasic responses to nerve stimulation, and these actions were modified by nifedipine and verapamil in a manner similar to the modification of the 2 phases of the responses of the vas to nerve stimulation. It is proposed that sufficient(More)
Associations between sleep duration and disturbance in infancy and early childhood and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnoses were investigated. Data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, a population-based prospective longitudinal birth-cohort study of children born in 1991-1992 in South-West England, were employed. Eight(More)