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6Vincenzo Piccialli
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The solid-phase synthesis of the first example of a new diphosphate AICAR derivative is reported. The new substance is characterized by the presence of a 5'-phosphate group while a second phosphate moiety is installed on a 5-hydroxypentyl chain attached to the 4-N-position of AICAR. Cyclization of the diphosphate derivative by pyrophosphate bond formation(More)
Among non-canonical DNA secondary structures, G-quadruplexes are currently widely studied because of their probable involvement in many pivotal biological roles, and for their potential use in nanotechnology. The overall quadruplex scaffold can exhibit several morphologies through intramolecular or intermolecular organization of G-rich oligodeoxyribonucleic(More)
The substitution of a hydroxyl group by a fluorine atom in a potential drug is an efficient reaction that can, in principle, improve its pharmacological properties. Herein, the synthesis of the novel compound 5'-fluoro-5'-deoxyacadesine (5'-F-AICAR), a strict analogue of AICAR that cannot be 5'-phosphorylated to ZMP by cellular kinases, is reported.
Rapid screening tests in medical diagnostic and environmental analysis are often based on oligonucleotide biochips. In this paper, we studied the stability of functionalized mesoporous silicon supports in the solid-phase synthesis of oligonucleotides, exploiting several chemical procedures. A 19-mer mixed sequence has been successfully synthesized on(More)
The title compound, C20H18O6, prepared from d-mannitol by a two-step procedure, is a functionalized fused bis-tetra-hydro-furan. In the central fragment, consisting of two fused tetra-hydro-furan rings, one O atom and its two adjacent C atoms, a methyl-ene and a bridgehead C atom, are disordered over two sets of sites with an occupancy ratio of 0.735(More)
The antiviral activity of certain acyclic nucleosides drew our attention to the fact that the replacement of the furanose ring by an alkyl group bearing hydroxyl(s) could be a useful structural modification to modulate the biological properties of those nucleosides. Herein, we report on the synthesis of some novel acadesine analogues, where the ribose(More)
The title compound, C31H48O7·0.04CH3COOH, is a polyoxy-genated steroid obtained by selective chemical oxidation of 7-de-hydro-cholesteryl acetate. The asymmetric unit comprises three mol-ecules of the steroid (Z' = 3) and a mol-ecule of acetic acid which has occupancy factor 0.131 (5). The geometric parameters of the independent mol-ecules do not reveal(More)
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