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Previous research has yielded an inconclusive picture of the effects of music and scent on walking. Few laboratory studies have detected a beneficial effect of music; olfactory research has shown performance is positively affected for repetitive tasks but not yet on walking. The influence of these two types of stimuli in efficiency of exercise among seniors(More)
Previous research has yielded a contradictory picture of the effects of music on athletic performance. While athletes frequently report using music while training or during or before an event, laboratory studies have generally not detected a beneficial effect of music. The influence of music, judged mellow and frenetic, played before exercise was assessed(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the vitamin and mineral content of bone and raw food rations fed to adult dogs in Germany. Pet owners completed a standardised feeding questionnaire. The composition of 95 rations was calculated from mean data for foodstuffs using nutrition balancing software. Typical ration ingredients were meats, fish, offal,(More)
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