Nicola Anselmi

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—The inspection of 2-D scatterers buried in a lossy half-space from field measurements is formulated within the framework of the second-order Born approximation (SOBA) of the inverse scattering problem. An iterative multi-scaling approach (IMSA) is combined with a two-step inexact-Newton (IN) algorithm to solve the arising problem. A set of preliminary(More)
An innovative strategy for the robust design of linear antenna arrays is presented. Being the array elements characterised by tolerance errors, the synthesis is aimed at determining the intervals of values fitting the user-defined mask constraints on the radiated power pattern. With reference to the upper and lower bounds of the power pattern analytically(More)
The sensitivity to both calibration errors and mutual coupling effects of the power pattern radiated by a linear array is addressed. Starting from the knowledge of the nominal excitations of the array elements and the maximum uncertainty on their amplitudes, the bounds of the pattern deviations from the ideal one are analytically derived by exploiting the(More)
The impact on the nominal power pattern of random and not a-priori known errors affecting the excitation amplitudes of real linear arrays is analyzed by means of an analytic approach based on the interval analysis math. Starting from the expressions of the pattern bounds as a function of the excitation tolerances modeling the saturation in the amplifiers of(More)
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