Nicolò Maria Calcavecchia

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The problem of Virtual Machine (VM) placement in a compute cloud infrastructure is well-studied in the literature. However, the majority of the existing works ignore the dynamic nature of the incoming stream of VM deployment requests that continuously arrive to the cloud provider infrastructure. In this paper we provide a practical model of cloud placement(More)
The dynamic provisioning of virtualized resources offered by cloud computing infrastructures allows applications deployed in a cloud environment to automatically increase and decrease the amount of used resources. This capability is called auto-scaling and its main purpose is to automatically adjust the scale of the system that is running the application to(More)
Cloud computing is becoming an interesting alternative as a flexible and affordable on-demand environment for deploying custom applications in the form of services. This work proposes a bio-inspired, self-organizing solution to support the allocation and deallocation of virtual machines and the deployment of services on virtual machines in a cloud(More)
A service network with decentralized ownership is a system where nodes offering a variety of services are administered by different organizations – or even by a set of individuals. In such a context, nodes hosting services can dynamically enter and exit the system without prior notice, and there is no centralized point of control. If one wants to build into(More)
A complex pervasive system is typically composed of many cooperating nodes, running on machines with different capabilities, and pervasively distributed across the environment. These systems pose several new challenges such as the need for the nodes to manage autonomously and dynamically in order to adapt to changes detected in the environment. To address(More)
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