Nicolás Rojas

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—The standard forward kinematics analysis of 3-RPR planar parallel robots boils down to computing the roots of a sextic polynomial. There are many different ways to obtain this polynomial but most of them include exceptions for which the formulation is not valid. Unfortunately, near these exceptions the corresponding polynomial exhibits numerical(More)
— In most practical implementations of the Gough-Stewart platform, the octahedral form is either taken as it stands or is approximated. The kinematics of this particular instance of the Gough-Stewart platform, commonly known as the octahedral manipulator, has been thoughtfully studied. It is well-known, for example, that its forward kinematics can be solved(More)
—The real roots of the univariate polynomial closure condition of a planar parallel robot determine the solutions of its forward kinematics. This paper shows how the univariate polynomials of all fully-parallel planar robots can be derived directly from that of the widely known 3-RPR robot by simply formulating these polynomials in terms of distances and(More)
During precision manipulation, a grasped object is repositioned within the hand workspace without breaking or changing contact. This task is classified in the hand-centric taxonomy of manipulation as within-hand prehensile manipulation with no motion at contact. Abstract— In robot hands, precision manipulation, defined as repositioning of a grasped object(More)