Nicodemus Banagaaya

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Electromagnetic descriptor models are models which lead to differential algebraic equations (DAEs). Some of these models mostly arise from electric circuit and power networks. The most frequently used modeling technique in the electric network design is the modified nodal analysis (MNA) which leads to differential algebraic equations in descriptor form.(More)
This paper introduces the implicit-IMOR method for differential algebraic equations. This method is a modification of the Index-aware model order reduction (IMOR) method proposed in our earlier papers which is the explicit-IMOR method. It also involves first splitting the differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) into differential and algebraic parts using a(More)
This paper is concerned with Model Order Reduction (MOR) for nanoelectronics coupled problems with many inputs. Our main applications are electro-thermal coupled problems described by nonlinear quadratic differential-algebraic systems (DAEs). We present algorithms that combine the advantages of the splitting techniques for DAEs and the existing MOR methods(More)
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