Nicodemos Damianou

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The Ponder language provides a common means of specifying security policies that map onto various access control implementation mechanisms for firewalls, operating systems, databases and Java. It supports obligation policies that are event triggered condition-action rules for policy based management of networks and distributed systems. Ponder can also be(More)
Policies are rules that govern the choices in behaviour of a system. Security policies define what actions are permitted or not permitted, for what or for whom, and under what conditions. Management policies define what actions need to be carried out when specific events occur within a system or what resources must be allocated under specific conditions.(More)
The management of policies in large-scale systems is complex because of the potentially large number of policies and administrators, as well as the diverse types of information that need to be managed. Appropriate tool support is essential to make management practical and feasible. In this paper we present the implementation of an integrated toolkit for the(More)
This paper introduces the Ponder language for specifying distributed object enterprise concepts. Ponder, is a declarative language, which permits the specification of policies in terms of obligations, permissions and prohibitions and provides the means for defining roles, relationships and their configurations in nested communities. Ponder provides a(More)
Security management involves specification and deployment of access control policies as well as activities such as registration of users or logging and auditing events for dealing with access to critical resources or security violations. The management actions to be performed when an event occurs depend on the enterprise policy. Reusable composite policy(More)
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