Nicodemo Di Pasquale

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FFLUX is a novel force field based on quantum topological atoms, combining multipolar electrostatics with IQA intraatomic and interatomic energy terms. The program FEREBUS calculates the hyperparameters of models produced by the machine learning method kriging. Calculation of kriging hyperparameters (θ and p) requires the optimization of the concentrated(More)
Machine learning algorithms have been demonstrated to predict atomistic properties approaching the accuracy of quantum chemical calculations at significantly less computational cost. Difficulties arise, however, when attempting to apply these techniques to large systems, or systems possessing excessive conformational freedom. In this article, the machine(More)
In hybrid particle models where coarse-grained beads and atoms are used simultaneously, two clearly separate time scales are mixed. If such models are used in molecular dynamics simulations, a multiple time step (MTS) scheme can therefore be used. In this manuscript, we propose a simple MTS algorithm which approximates for a specific number of integration(More)
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