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Study design:Prospective clinical trial of consecutive tetraplegic and paraplegic cases.Objectives:The detection of the neurological level of paralysis by thermographic imaging.Setting:Spinal Cord Injury Center in Germany Halle (Saale) and Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials in Halle (Saale).Methods:Twelve tetraplegic and 4 paraplegic patients(More)
Electrodes of ruthenium/rhodium deposited as thin layers on gold foils were investigated. Ruthenium layers were radio frequency (r.f.) magnetron sputtered and the rhodium layers were made by vacuum evaporation. Hydrogen peroxide could be detected using the cathodic reduction at potentials lower than +170 mV or the anodic oxidation at higher potentials.(More)
Nanoporous aluminum oxide membranes with high open porosity are prepared by anodic oxidation. Conventional self-supporting as well as mechanically stabilized nanoporous membranes are produced from aluminum plates and microimprinted aluminum foils, respectively. The mechanically stabilized membranes are characterized by very thin membrane parts stabilized by(More)
Nanoporous aluminum oxide membranes were prepared by anodic oxidation of aluminum for application as novel cell culture substrates. Self-supporting as well as mechanically stabilized nanoporous membranes were produced from aluminum plates and micro-imprinted aluminum foils, respectively. Membranes of two different pore sizes (70 and 260 nm) were selected to(More)
To construct novel amperometric sensors for the detection of hydrogen peroxide and pyruvate, peroxidase and pyruvate oxidase were immobilized in self-supporting nanoporous alumina membranes those made by anodic oxidation. Pyruvate oxidase and other enzymes were enclosed in poly(carbamoylsulfonate) hydrogel and sucked into the nanoporous alumina structure(More)
Wear particles from the bearing surfaces of joint implants are one of the main limiting factors for total implant longevity. Si(3)N(4) is a potential wear resistant alternative for total joint replacements. In this study, Si(x)N(y)-coatings were deposited on cobalt chromium-discs and Si-wafers by a physical vapour deposition process. The tribological(More)
Solar cells with a cover glass have a poor response in the blue and near UV spectral range due to absorption in the glass and the front contact layer. The efficiency of these solar cells can be improved by replacing the top glass by a spectral converter, i.e. a frequency down-converter, without modifying the solar cell itself. Potential candidates are(More)
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