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Here, we report on the identification of nucleolar spindle-associated protein (NuSAP), a novel 55-kD vertebrate protein with selective expression in proliferating cells. Its mRNA and protein levels peak at the transition of G2 to mitosis and abruptly decline after cell division. Microscopic analysis of both fixed and live mammalian cells showed that NuSAP(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-mediated angiogenesis is an important part of bone formation. To clarify the role of VEGF isoforms in endochondral bone formation, we examined long bone development in mice expressing exclusively the VEGF120 isoform (VEGF120/120 mice). Neonatal VEGF120/120 long bones showed a completely disturbed vascular pattern,(More)
Time average temperature calculations in pulse electrochemical machining. Numerical study of the influence of the anode position and the electrolyte flow on the deposition of copper on a wire, Edition: Experimental study and modeling of heat transfer during anodizing in a wall-jet setup Numerical Simulations as a guide for the interpretation of the low(More)
Ion transport models are compared by computing the limiting current density of an electrodeposition on a rotating disk electrode for various hypothetical electrolytes. The first ion transport model is the pseudoideal solution model, on which many commercial electroanalytical simulation tools are built. The second, more rigorous model consists of the linear(More)
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