Nico Otterbach

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With the expanding availability of powerful software defined radio (SDR) platforms, the way of developing wireless systems has changed. A modern SDR framework offers the opportunity to do the entire baseband signal processing in software. Thus, typical hardware design problems and costs are circumvented. Another advantage of this trend is the possibility to(More)
Although not yet very common, the concept of software-defined radio fits very well to the research and development of power line communication (PLC) systems. This especially comes true for the investigation of cognitive PLC systems, where a high level of flexibility is mandatory. In this paper, we will give a brief introduction to the PLC basics and show(More)
Wireless networks in-the-loop is a method to develop software radio systems which operate in networks. It eliminates the gap between simulations and live testing by allowing the developer to use the same code for both types of testing. This allows the parallel development of signal processing and protocols in a network context without having to use(More)
Non-stationary, non-Gaussian noise severely limits the performance of narrowband (NB) power line communication (PLC) systems. Due to the periodic mains voltage, substantial parts of the noise are known to show time-periodic features. Exploiting these features can significantly improve noise canceling methods and thus the overall performance of PLC systems.(More)
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