Nico Lindemann

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The vascular endothelium is a cellular interface between the blood and the interstitial space of tissue, which controls the exchange of fluid, solutes and cells by both transcellular and paracellular means. To accomplish the demands on barrier function, the regulation of the endothelium requires quick and adaptive mechanisms. This is, among others,(More)
Endothelial junctions are dynamic structures organized by multi-protein complexes that control monolayer integrity, homeostasis, inflammation, cell migration and angiogenesis. Newly developed methods for both the genetic manipulation of endothelium and microscopy permit time-lapse recordings of fluorescent proteins over long periods of time. Quantitative(More)
Various naturally occurring steroids, synthetic steroid derivatives and non-steroidal hormone agonists and antagonists were assayed as inhibitors of human placental 17 beta-HSD activities. Microsomal 17 beta-HSD was inhibited by C18-, C19- and C21-steroids. Soluble 17 beta-HSD was highly specific for C18-steroids. In contrast to the soluble activity, the(More)
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