Nico J. Delleman

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Field-of-view (FOV) restrictions are known to affect human behaviour and to degrade performance for a range of different tasks. However, the relationship between human locomotion performance in complex environments and FOV size is currently not fully known. This paper examined the effects of FOV restrictions on the performance of participants manoeuvring(More)
Effects of field-of-view restrictions on the speed and accuracy of participants performing a real-world manoeuvring task through an obstacled environment were investigated. Although field-of-view restrictions are known to affect human behaviour and to degrade performance for a range of different tasks, the relationship between human manoeuvring performance(More)
We studied the influence of dopaminergic medication on the duration of standing up, static posture and gait in five patients with Parkinson's disease (Hoehn and Yahr stage 1.5 to 3) and four healthy controls, using an optoelectronic camera system. Duration of standing up was prolonged in patients, while static posture and gait were largely unaffected. The(More)
Limited data is available on accuracy and validity of video-based, GPS and electronic tracking systems, particularly with reference to curved courses and short high intensity running activities. The main goal of this study was to assess soccer-specific accuracy and validity of the radio-frequency based local position measurement (LPM) system (1000Hz) for(More)
This study investigated the effects of ship motion on peak spinal loading during lifting. All measurements were done on a ship at sea. In 1-min trials, which were repeated over a wide range of sailing conditions, subjects lifted an 18 kg box five times. Ship motion, whole body kinematics, ground reaction forces and electromyography were measured and the(More)
Field-of-view (FOV) restrictions are known to affect human behaviour and to degrade performance for a range of different tasks. A proposed cause for this performance impairment is the predominant activation of the ventral cortical stream as compared to the dorsal stream. This may compromise the ability to control heading as well as degrade the processing of(More)
  • Mao-Jiun J Wang 王茂駿, Mao-Jiun J Wang, In, M Y L J Lin, Y Y Wang, J Tsai +13 others
  • 2011
The change of gait parameters during walking at different percentage of preferred walking speed for healthy adults aged 20-60 years " , The evaluation of scan-derived anthropometric measurements " , IEEE Approach strategy and working posture in manual hand tool operation " ,
The strategy for approaching a manual work position is an important reference for describing a goal-directed task. However, knowledge on this aspect of human behavior is scarce. The objectives of this study are twofold: (1) to describe and understand the strategy people tend to adopt for approaching a manual work position from different directions when(More)
Restrictions of field-of-view are known to impair human performance for a range of different tasks. However, such effects on human locomotion through a complex environment are still not clear. Effects of both horizontal (30 degrees, 75 degrees, 112 degrees, 120 degrees, 140 degrees, 160 degrees, and 180 degrees) and vertical (18 degrees and 48 degrees)(More)
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