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In this article we present the Toilet Companion: an augmented toilet brush that aims to provide moments of joy in the toilet room, and if necessary, stimulates toilet goers to use the brush. Based upon the amount of time a user sits upon the toilet seat, the brush swings it handle with increasing speed: initially to draw attention to its presence, but over(More)
The paper studies the effects and the determinants of interregional redistribution in a model of residential and political choice. We find that paradoxical consequences of interjurisdictional transfers can arise. While self-sufficient regions are necessarily identical with respect to policies and average incomes in our model, horizontal redistributive(More)
We present a general equilibrium model of imperfect competition to analyze Rosenstein-Rodan’s idea of the ‘Big Push’. Simultaneous investment of many sectors of the economy can be profitable for everyone although no sector can break even industrializing alone. The mechanism that generates such multiple macroeconomic equilibria is a demand spillover that(More)