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Intrinsic apoptosis defects underlie to a large extent the extended survival of malignant B cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Here, we show that the Shc family adapter p66Shc uncouples the B-cell receptor (BCR) from the Erk- and Akt-dependent survival pathways, thereby enhancing B-cell apoptosis. p66Shc expression was found to be profoundly(More)
p66Shc, an adaptor molecule which enhances reactive oxygen species (ROS) production by mitochondria, promotes T-cell apoptosis by inducing mitochondrial dysfunction and impairing Ca2+ homeostasis. We have addressed the potential role of Lck, a kinase which has been implicated in T-cell apoptosis induced by a number of stimuli, in the proapoptotic activity(More)
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