Nico Arends

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The work in this thesis has been carried out under the auspices of the research school IPA (Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics). A language and simulator for hybrid systems / by Georgina Fábián. Trefwoorden: simulatietalen / hybride systemen / regelsystemen / simulatoren Subject headings: simulation languages / hybrid systems / continuous(More)
Twenty profoundly deaf and 5 normal-hearing subjects produced 225 sustained vowels/a, i, u/at different pitch levels and 75 phonetically balanced sentences, while vocal fold vibration was recorded through an electrolaryngograph (ELG). The utterances recorded on audio tape were judged by 10 experienced listeners on general voice quality, breathiness,(More)
This study evaluates the Visual Speech Apparatus (VSA) as a visual aid for speech training of hearing-impaired children. Its efficacy was tested during a whole school year in a comparative study using an experimental and control group of children in the age range of 4-7 years. The 22 children in the experimental group were trained using the VSA, whereas the(More)
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