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With this paper we take a first step to understand the appropriation of social media by the police. For this purpose we analyzed the Twitter communication by the London Metropolitan Police (MET) and the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) during the riots in August 2011. The systematic comparison of tweets demonstrates that the two forces developed very(More)
Ant larvae may increase their fitness by trying to increase their food intake, since adult morphology and quality depend on nutritional conditions during juvenile development. As larvae are legless and dependent upon workers, some sort of begging signal can be expected. We studied larval begging behaviour in the ant Gnamptogenys striatula. Workers(More)
Color-color interference refers to the finding that the naming of a target color is hampered by the simultaneous presentation of an incongruent distractor color somewhere else in the visual field. This interference effect has been attributed to an imperfect input selection (selection-for-processing). We test an alternative account in which it is assumed(More)
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