Niclas Ohlsson

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The dearth of published empirical data on major industrial systems has been one of the reasons that software engineering has failed to establish a proper scientific basis. In this paper we hope to provide a small contribution to the body of empirical knowledge. We describe a number of results from a quantitative study of faults and failures in two releases(More)
Software metrics play an important role in measuring the quality of software. It is desirable to predict the quality of software as early as possible, and hence metrics have to be collected early as well. This raises a number of questions that has not been fully answered. In this paper we discuss, prediction of fault content and try to answer what type of(More)
Prediction of fault-prone modules provides one way to support software quality engineering through improved scheduling and project control. The primary goal of our research was to develop and refine techniques for early prediction of fault-prone modules. The objective of this paper is to review and improve an approach previously examined in the literature(More)
Basili, V., and Rombach, D. 1988. The TAME project: Towards improvement-oriented software environments. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 14(6): 758–773. Basili V. and Weiss, D. 1984. A methodology for collecting valid software engineering data. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 10(11): 758–773.(More)
As a part of a preoperative investigation, spirometry and blood gas tensions were studied in 64 subjects with X-ray-verified hiatus hernia (34 sliding, 22 mixed, and 8 of paraesophageal variety). According to the transverse diameter of the hernia. They were divided into 3 groups, small (2-5.9 cm), medium (6-9.9 cm), and large (10-17 cm) hernias. No(More)
Fracture of the scaphoid is the most common injury of the carpus. Inadequate treatment frequently leads to non-union, which causes pain and serious disability. In the present study 134 scaphoid fractures treated during the period 1961-70 are reviewed. In fresh fractures less than 4 weeks old, bony union occurred in 95% with proper conservative treatment.(More)
We have performed an extended replication of the Porter-Votta-Basili experiment comparing the Scenario method and the Checklist method for inspecting requirements specifications using identical instruments. The experiment has been conducted in our educational context represented by a more general definition of a defect compared to the original defect list.(More)
A roentgenographic study was carried out on 104 Silastic Finger Joint Implants, Swanson design. Sixty-two of the implants were examined in the anterio-posterior-projection (AP) from 4 months to 5 1/2 years postoperatively, a total of 116 examinations. Forty-two implants were examined in the AP-projection and in the lateral projection by tomography in(More)