Niclas Burenhult

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Acknowledgements Life is a journey, and so is the process of writing a dissertation. I have come upon many obstacles on the way, but also many rewarding events. The people who have helped me are many. My supervisors, Åke Viberg and Jan-Olof Svantesson have been indispensable. Åke has guided me in the field of lexical semantics and been of great help in(More)
From Plato to Pinker there has been the common belief that the experience of a smell is impossible to put into words. Decades of studies have confirmed this observation. But the studies to date have focused on participants from urbanized Western societies. Cross-cultural research suggests that there may be other cultures where odors play a larger role. The(More)
AbstrAct the cognitive-and neurosciences have supposed that the perceptual world of the individual is dominated by vision, followed closely by audition, but that olfaction is merely vestigial. Aslian-speaking communities (Austroasiatic, Malay Peninsula) challenge this view. For the Jahai – a small group of rainforest foragers – odor plays a central role in(More)
Space is a fundamental domain for cognition, and research on spatial perception, orientation, referencing, and reasoning addresses core questions in most of the disciplines that make up the cognitive sciences. Consequently, space represents one of those domains for which various disciplinary interests overlap to a substantial extent. For instance, the(More)
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