Nicla Bernasconi

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In the past decades the <i>G</i><sub><i>n,p</i></sub> model of random graphs, introduced by Erd&#337;s and R&#233;nyi in the 60's, has led to numerous beautiful and deep theorems. A key feature that is used in basically all proofs is that edges in <i>G</i><sub><i>n,p</i></sub> appear independently. The independence of the edges allows, for example, to(More)
Genes of the myc family are frequently overexpressed in lung cancer. Gene amplification can explain the deregulation of these genes in a subset of tumors and cell lines, but in most cases, the cause of the elevated myc expression remains unknown. We examined whether messenger RNA (mRNA) stabilization could be contributing to myc gene overexpression in lung(More)
In order to perform an average-case analysis for specific input distributions one needs to derive and understand properties of a ’typical’ input instance. In the case of the uniform distribution on the class of all graphs on a given vertex set, a ’typical’ input instance can be viewed as a random graph in the Erdős-Renyi model – which was intensively(More)
The von Neumann and Newman poker models are simplified two-person poker models in which hands are modeled by real values drawn uniformly at random from the unit interval. We analyze a simple extension of both models that introduces an element of uncertainty about the final strength of each player’s own hand, as is present in real poker games. Whenever a(More)
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