Nickolay Fedchenko

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BACKGROUND Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a well-established, widely accepted method in both clinical and experimental parts of medical science. It allows receiving valuable information about any process in any tissue, and especially in bone. Each year the amount of data, received by IHC, grows in geometric progression. But the lack of standardization,(More)
UNLABELLED The biocompatibility and the degradation behavior of the LAE442 magnesium-based intramedullary interlocked nailing system (IM-NS) was assessed in vivo in a comparative study (stainless austenitic steel 1.4441LA) for the first time. IM-NS was implanted into the right tibia (24-week investigation period; nails/screws diameter: 9 mm/3.5 mm, length:(More)
Two types of folliculogenesis specific for the peripheral and central zones of the rat thyroid gland under prolonged hypercalcemia are described. The folliculogenesis is realized via fragmentation of a large follicle into several small ones penetrated with cords of the connective tissue. The new follicles are formed with various intensity. When the(More)
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