Nickolas Savarimuthu

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The application of metaheuristic algorithms to combinatorial optimization problems is on the rise and is growing rapidly now than ever before. In this paper the historical context and the conducive environment that accelerated this particular trend of inspiring analogies or metaphors from various natural phenomena are analysed. We have implemented the Ant(More)
—Cloud computing changed the way of computing as utility services offered through public network. Selecting multiple providers for various computational requirements improves performance and minimizes cost of cloud services than choosing a single cloud provider. Federated cloud improves scalability, cost minimization, performance maximization, collaboration(More)
In recent years, adoption of cloud computing for computational needs is growing significantly due to various factors such as no upfront cost and access to latest service. In general, cloud infrastructure providers offer a wide range of services with different pricing models, instance types and a host of value-added features. Efficient selection of cloud(More)
Data Mining approaches have been widely applied in the field of healthcare to facilitate the quality diagnosis. The physiologic state and the complexity of disease of a patient is monitored through diverse variety of symptoms and laboratory test measurements. Data acquisition in healthcare systems is voluminous; they come from many different sources, not(More)
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