Nickolas Kavantzas

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SCA (Service Component Architecture) is a collaborative effort by the leading vendors in the enterprise software space to define an architecture for building applications and systems using a ServiceOriented Architecture. SCA allows developers to define components that implement business logic, which offer their capabilities through services and consume(More)
Time series motifs are approximately repeating patterns in real-valued time series data. They are useful for exploratory data mining and are often used as inputs for various time series clustering, classification, segmentation, rule discovery, and visualization algorithms. Since the introduction of the first motif discovery algorithm for univariate time(More)
In academic settings over the last decade, there has been significant progress in time series classification. However, much of this work makes assumptions that are simply unrealistic for deployed industrial applications. Examples of these unrealistic assumptions include the following: assuming that data subsequences have a single fixed-length, are precisely(More)
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