Nickolaos Savidis

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We have previously introduced an anisotropic leaky-mode modulator as a waveguide-based, acousto-optic solution for spatial light modulation in holographic video display systems. Waveguide fabrication for these and similar surface acoustic wave devices relies on proton exchange of a lithium niobate substrate, which involves the immersion of the substrate in(More)
We have developed a variable-power zoom system that incorporates fluidic lenses and has no moving parts. The designed system applies two single-chamber plano-convex fluid singlets, each with their own distinct design, as well as a conventional refractive lens. In this paper, we combine the two fluid elements to form a variable-power telescope, while the(More)
We demonstrate a variable focal length achromatic lens that consists of a flat liquid crystal diffractive lens and a pressure-controlled fluidic refractive lens. The diffractive lens is composed of a flat binary Fresnel zone structure and a thin liquid crystal layer, producing high efficiency and millisecond switching times while applying a low ac voltage(More)
Procollagen-I carboxylterminal extension peptide (PICP) was determined in the serum and dialysate of 26 continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) patients and in the serum of 11 healthy controls. PICP serum levels were significantly higher in CAPD patients than in healthy controls (p < 0.001). There was no correlation between serum PICP levels and(More)
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