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This paper investigates the failure mechanism of SiC power MOSFETs during avalanche breakdown under unclamped inductive switching (UIS) test regime. Switches deployed within motor drive applications could experience undesired avalanche breakdown events. Therefore, avalanche ruggedness is an important feature of power devices enabling snubber-less converter(More)
—Cryopumping systems provide an essential function in most magnetic confinement nuclear fusion experiments. The maintenance of an ultra-high vacuum in a magnetic confinement vessel is required for experiments to be conducted, without exception, and cryopumping systems are widely used to achieve this. As such, the availability of this type of nuclear fusion(More)
This paper describes a dialogue management system in which an attempt is made to factor out a declarative theory of context updates in dialogue from a procedural theory of generating and interpreting utterances in dialogue. In computational linguistics, a very useful distinction can be drawn between declarative models of language, which specify what(More)
Supramolecular polymer nanowires have been prepared by using DNA-templating of 2,5-(bis-2-thienyl)-pyrrole (TPT) by oxidation with FeCl(3) in a mixed aqueous/organic solvent system. Despite the reduced capacity for strong hydrogen bonding in polyTPT compared to other systems, such as polypyrrole, the templating proceeds well. FTIR spectroscopic studies(More)
Keywords: Silicon carbide Schottky diodes X-ray spectroscopy High temperature A B S T R A C T Five SiC Schottky photodiodes for X-ray detection have been electrically characterized at room temperature. One representative diode was also electrically characterized over the temperature range 20°C to 140 °C. The performance at 30 °C of all five X-ray detectors,(More)