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In this experiment older and younger adults were compared on their ability to position a cursor with an electromechanical mouse. Distance of the movement, size of the target, and relative emphasis on the speed or accuracy of the movement were manipulated. The study was designed to isolate and evaluate the effects of age-related differences in the(More)
This research examines how people make movements with pointing devices during human-computer interaction. It specifically concerns the perceptual-motor processes that mediate the speed and accuracy of cursor positioning with electromechanical mice. In three experiments we investigated the spatial and temporal characteristics of positioning movements made(More)
Smoking-prevention programs, run by both teachers, and teachers and peers, have been introduced into school curricula in many parts of the world. This paper describes a long-term follow-up of a randomised controlled trial of a smoking education program for children conducted in Western Australia. Seven years after the first survey of 2,366 Year 7 students(More)
OBJECTIVE Māori women in New Zealand have higher incidence of and mortality from cervical cancer than non-Māori women, however limited research has examined differences in treatment and survival between these groups. This study aims to determine if ethnic disparities in treatment and survival exist among a cohort of Māori and non-Māori women with cervical(More)
Several lines of evidence support the involvement of the disrupted in schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) gene in schizophrenia susceptibility, including its original identification in a schizophrenia family with a chromosome translocation, several genetic association studies, and functional characterization of the gene product. In the present study, we have genotyped(More)
The pharmacokinetic differences of tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) in Asians and Caucasians remain controversial. Thirty-seven age-matched healthy volunteers (18 Asians and 19 Caucasians) ingested a single desipramine (DMI) dose of 1.0 mg/kg of body weight. Blood was obtained at 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 24, 48, 72, and 96 hours after dosing. Serial 24-hour urine(More)
Two experimental systems for query based visual analysis are described. The first simulates an image sequence of moving, dividing cells with simple rules and monitors significant visual events. The second processes single raw images of real cells. Both invoke appropriate processing using explicit knowledge to respond to user queries. We propose that this(More)
Regression analyses are increasingly being used to provide confirmatory evidence for models of human performance. The amount of information made available to judge these models is reduced because clearly established standards in the techniques of performing and reporting regression analyses are lacking. This paper addresses two primary problems in(More)