Nick Walker

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Several lines of evidence support the involvement of the disrupted in schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) gene in schizophrenia susceptibility, including its original identification in a schizophrenia family with a chromosome translocation, several genetic association studies, and functional characterization of the gene product. In the present study, we have genotyped(More)
Two experimental systems for query based visual analysis are described. The first simulates an image sequence of moving, dividing cells with simple rules and monitors significant visual events. The second processes single raw images of real cells. Both invoke appropriate processing using explicit knowledge to respond to user queries. We propose that this(More)
We have reached a new frontier of computer-animated filmmaking. With each new DreamWorks animated film, we are defining and redefining the technologies, techniques, pipeline, and development process for how to create a film efficiently. Each film's creative process represents a step forward, as we continue to surmount technical, stylistic, and artistic(More)
The UK has an abundant offshore wind resource with offshore wind set to grow rapidly over the coming years. Optimisation of energy production is of the utmost importance given the high installation and maintenance costs of offshore turbines; accurate estimates of wind speed characteristics are critical during the planning process. While operational(More)
In recent years, research has shown that transfer learning methods can be leveraged to construct curricula that sequence a series of simpler tasks such that performance on a final target task is improved. A major limitation of existing approaches is that such curricula are handcrafted by humans that are typically domain experts. To address this limitation,(More)