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Fit testing of tight-fitting respiratory protective facepieces has been in use for some years, but there are still widespread misconceptions and misunderstandings about what a fit test pass actually signifies. Various aspects frequently generate research papers, and there are three relevant ones in this issue (Han and Lee, 2005; Kuo et al., 2005; Vaughan(More)
Workplace performance measurement of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is fundamental to the understanding of how well wearers are protected. It forms the basis for guidance on which the selection of appropriate equipment is based. However, the measurement of this performance is open to many sources of interference and inaccuracy, reducing the value(More)
Air-fed visors are commonly used for protection against exposure to airborne isocyanates during paint spraying. Protection levels for this class of equipment are theoretically adequate, yet isocyanate sensitization in this occupation still occurs. The work reported here set out to establish the level of respiratory protection that is achieved during real(More)
Patients who deliberately harm themselves can present with a variety of disorders. The case is reported of a patient who deliberately self-harms by inducing hypoglycaemic episodes. This patient has placed great demands on the emergency services over the last 9 years. Early involvement by senior accident and emergency staff is advised.
This paper reports the results of a central government funded two-year project which investigated problems associated with the mobility of physically handicapped people in their external physical environment. Whilst most people who possess below average physical capacity would, even in the most ideal of physical surroundings, experience mobility problems,(More)
The study reported here forms part of a 2-year government-funded research project concerned with the mobility problems of physically disabled, blind and frail elderly in their external environment. The research grew out of a set of ideas, formulated by Central Government in Wales, which suggested that the Principality has a higher proportion of disabled(More)
Air-fed suits are used for protection from radioactive particulate contamination. Managing air-fed suit operations safely and efficiently involves complex interactions between people, personal protective equipment and work systems. The nuclear industry and the Office for Nuclear Regulation identified the need for clear guidance on the non-radiological(More)
This article describes the evaluation of an open-access web-based respiratory protective equipment selector tool (RPE-Select, accessible at This tool is based on the principles of the COSHH-Essentials (C-E) control banding (CB) tool, which was developed for the exposure risk management of hazardous chemicals(More)
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