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Air-fed visors are commonly used for protection against exposure to airborne isocyanates during paint spraying. Protection levels for this class of equipment are theoretically adequate, yet isocyanate sensitization in this occupation still occurs. The work reported here set out to establish the level of respiratory protection that is achieved during real(More)
Perseveration and wandering are well recognized sequelae of traumatic brain injury. They are believed to arise as a constellation of behaviours from lesions involving the frontal, temporal, or parietal lobes or subcortical motor regions. Attention and memory deficits are believed to contribute to the presence of perseveration and wandering. Patients who(More)
Air-fed suits are used for protection from radioactive particulate contamination. Managing air-fed suit operations safely and efficiently involves complex interactions between people, personal protective equipment and work systems. The nuclear industry and the Office for Nuclear Regulation identified the need for clear guidance on the non-radiological(More)
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