Nick Tzu-Yar Liu

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BACKGROUND Estimation of ventricular volume and mass is important for baseline and serial evaluation of fetuses with normal or abnormal hearts. Direct measurement of chamber wall volumes and mass can be made without geometric assumptions by 3D fetal echocardiography. Our goals were to determine the feasibility of using fast nongated 3D echocardiography for(More)
Image-guided radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer: treating a moving target. Assessment of secondary patient motion induced by automated couch movement during on-line 6 dimensional repositioning in prostate cancer treatment.institutional clinical experience with the calypso system in localization and continuous, real-time monitoring of the prostate(More)
We devised an improved spectrophotometric method, based on the differential susceptibility of various hemoglobins to alkaline denaturation, to measure the percentage of fetal hemoglobin (HbF) in bloody meconium so as to determine the source of the blood. The oxyhemoglobin of a sample was spectrophotometrically scanned from 450 to 650 nm before and after the(More)
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