Nick Sephton

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Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) has become a popular solution for controlling non-player characters. Its use has repeatedly been shown to be capable of creating strong game playing opponents. However, the emergent playstyle of agents using MCTS is not necessarily human-like, believable or enjoyable. AI Factory Spades, currently the top rated Spades game in(More)
Process parallelization is more important than ever, as most modern hardware contains multiple processors and advanced multi-threading capability. This paper presents an analysis of the parallel behaviour of Information Set Monte Carlo Tree Search and the Upper Confidence Bounds for Trees (UCT) variant of MCTS, and certain parallelization techniques(More)
Move pruning is a technique used in game tree search which incorporates heuristic knowledge to reduce the number of moves under consideration from a particular game state. This paper investigates Heuristic Move Pruning on the strategic card game Lords of War. We use heuristics to guide our pruning and experiment with different techniques of applying pruning(More)
Esports has emerged as a popular genre for players as well as spectators, supporting a global entertainment industry. Esports analytics has evolved to address the requirement for data-driven feedback, and is focused on cyber-athlete evaluation, strategy and prediction. Towards the latter, previous work has used match data from a variety of player ranks from(More)
The final step in the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm is to select the action to play from the root level of the tree. Experimentation on modifying the selection mechanism has been somewhat limited to date, particularly with respect to consider aspects other than playing strength. This paper investigates the modification of selection mechanism as an(More)
As part of their design, card games often include information that is hidden from opponents and represents a strategic advantage if discovered. A player that can discover this information will be able to alter their strategy based on the nature of that information, and therefore become a more competent opponent. In this paper, we employ association(More)
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