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Silica is well known for its role as inducible defence mechanism countering herbivore attack, mainly through precipitation of opaline, biogenic silica (BSi) bodies (phytoliths) in plant epidermal tissues. Even though grazing strongly interacts with other element cycles, its impact on terrestrial silica cycling has never been thoroughly considered. Here, BSi(More)
Beryllium-7 (7Be) has been used as a sediment tracer to evaluate soil redistribution rates at hillslopes and as a tool to estimate sediment residence time in river systems. A key assumption for the use of 7Be as a sediment tracer is the rapid and irreversible sorption of 7Be upon contact with the soil particles. However, recent studies have raised questions(More)
There is growing interest in the application of the natural fallout radionuclide Be as a soil erosion and sediment tracer. Development of robust datasets is, however, hampered by unquantified variability in its vertical distribution within surface soil. Models that convert Be inventory measurements to soil erosion estimates are all based on the observed(More)
During the past decades, land use change in the Lake Victoria basin has significantly increased the sediment fluxes to the lake. These sediments as well as their associated nutrients and pollutants affect the food and water security of millions of people in one of Africa's most densely populated regions. Adequate catchment management strategies, based on a(More)
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