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This is the report of a project funded by the British Educational Communications and Technology Research Agency (Becta) to identify the key – but forgotten ICT research projects in the UK between 1980 and 1999 and review the contribution that these projects can make in informing the current Becta research agenda and making future research more efficient. It(More)
The first chapter looks at two uses of IT in developing children’s awareness of and capabilities with language. The first use is to enable learners to engage in “think together” activities using carefully chosen software. Doing this encourages “linking the learners’ minds”. The second is to build the teacher’s instructions for communicative tasks. This is(More)
The need for desks on which to put desktop computers and for laps on which to use laptop computers seems an unnecessary constraint for the virtual class. The concept of flexibility in learning is central to the virtual class and that is going to require mobile learning solutions. The current generation of mobile devices give us Internet and world wide web(More)