Nick Roussopoulos

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A frequently encountered type of query in Geographic Information Systems is to find the k nearest neighbor objects to a given point in space. Processing such queries requires substantially different search algorithms than those for location or range queries. In this paper we present an efficient branch-and-bound R-tree traversal algorithm to find the(More)
The problem of indexing multidimensional objects is considered. First, a classification of existing methods is given along with a discussion of the major issues involved in multidimensional data indexing. Second, a variation to Guttman’s R-trees (R+-trees) that avoids overlapping rectangles in intermediate nodes of the tree is introduced. Algorithms for(More)
Peer-to-Peer networks are gaining increasing attention from both the scientific and the large Internet user community. Popular applications utilizing this new technology offer many attractive features to a growing number of users. At the heart of such networks lies the data retrieval algorithm. Proposed methods either depend on the network-disastrous(More)
Pictorial databases require efficient and direct spatial search based on the analog form of spatial objects and relationships instead of search based on some cumbersome alphanumeric encodings of the pictures. R-trees (twodimensional B-trees) are excellent devices for indexing spatial objects and relationships found on pictures. Their most important feature(More)
Dwarf is a highly compressed structure for computing, storing, and querying data cubes. Dwarf identifies prefix and suffix structural redundancies and factors them out by coalescing their store. Prefix redundancy is high on dense areas of cubes but suffix redundancy is significantly higher for sparse areas. Putting the two together fuses the exponential(More)
Earlier work has demonstrated the effectiveness of in-network data aggregation in order to minimize the amount of messages exchanged during continuous queries in large sensor networks. The key idea is to build an aggregation tree, in which parent nodes aggregate the values received from their children. Nevertheless, for large sensor networks with severe(More)