Nick Roberts

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We have compared the accumulation of recombinant variable heavy-chain portions [VHH (variable heavy-chain antibody from camelids)] of camelid antibodies in a variety of subcellular compartments produced in planta. The VHH coding sequences were optimized for expression in thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana) and placed individually or as fused tandem(More)
Registration of histopathology images of consecutive tissue sections stained with different histochemical or immunohistochemical stains is an important step in a number of application areas, such as the investigation of the pathology of a disease, validation of MRI sequences against tissue images, multiscale physical modeling, etc. In each case, information(More)
During a survey of yeast ecology in a soft-drinks production facility, a dead wasp was removed from the sampling tap of an external sugar-syrup storage tank. A yeast isolated from the dead wasp was found to be similar, although not identical, in its physiological characteristics to Candida lactis-condensi and Candida stellata. Sequence analysis of the 26S(More)
A.-L. Daniau, P. J. Bartlein, S. P. Harrison, I. C. Prentice, S. Brewer, P. Friedlingstein, T. I. Harrison-Prentice, J. Inoue, K. Izumi, J. R. Marlon, S. Mooney, M. J. Power, J. Stevenson, W. Tinner, M. Andrič, J. Atanassova, H. Behling,M. Black, O. Blarquez, K. J. Brown, C. Carcaillet, E. A. Colhoun, D. Colombaroli, B. A. S. Davis, D. D’Costa, J. Dodson,(More)
Pathological cardiac fibrosis is important in predisposing the heart to arrhythmia and mechanical failure. The regional distribution of fibrosis is often described qualitatively and quantitatively in histological studies of animal hearts after staining collagen with specific colored stains. Currently this description is often piecemeal, as it lacks rigorous(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) high resolution microscopic images have high potential for improving the understanding of both normal and disease processes where structural changes or spatial relationship of disease features are significant. In this paper, we develop a complete framework applicable to 3D pathology analytical imaging, with an application to whole(More)
The isolated, perfused rat lung preparation was modified to allow characterized solid aerosol delivery. Deposition and airway-to-perfusate transfer of disodium fluorescein from 3-4 micron dae solid aerosols were studied under different ventilatory regimes. The lungs inhaled from an aerosol stream of constant concentration via a tracheal cannula. Air(More)
This paper describes an open-source project called RATCHET whose goal is to create software that can be used by large groups of people to construct attack trees. The value of an attack tree increases when the attack tree explores more scenarios. Crowdsourcing an attack tree reduces the possibility that some options might be overlooked. RATCHET has been(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic diseases are a serious and urgent problem, requiring at-scale, multi-component, multi-stakeholder action and cooperation. Despite numerous national frameworks and agenda-setting documents to coordinate prevention efforts, Australia, like many countries internationally, is yet to substantively impact the burden from chronic disease.(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based decision-making is an important foundation for health policy and service planning decisions, yet there remain challenges in ensuring that the many forms of available evidence are considered when decisions are being made. Mobilising knowledge for policy and practice is an emergent process, and one that is highly relational, often(More)