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– Control room operators are faced with frequent security-economy decision-making situations necessitated by stressed system operating conditions, and there is increased need for security-economy decision-support tools. Although probabilistic methods are promising in this regard, they have been mainly used in planning environments. This task force paper(More)
BACKGROUND Standard methods of CD4 counts and plasma viral load estimation require specialized equipment, highly trained personnel and are extremely expensive. This remains a major challenge for the initiation of anti-retroviral therapy for patients in resource-limited settings. OBJECTIVE To assess the clinical utility of the total lymphocyte count (TLC)(More)
This paper proposes a new framework for the measurement of national income which generalises and unifies the existing approaches. We begin by defining the maximum discounted utility which the economy can achieve starting from any initial capital stock vector. Using this we can then immediately formalise the Hicksian notion of income as the maximum amount(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of diabetes on health-care expenditures has been increasingly recognized. To formulate an effective health planning and resource allocation, it is important to determine economic burden. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to assess the cost of illness (COI) for diabetic inpatients with or without complications. METHODOLOGY(More)
Wernicke's encephalopathy (WE), an acute neuropsychiatric condition, is caused by thiamine deficiency. Traditionally, it has been associated with patients with a background of alcoholism. However, in the past few decades, with increasing trends in the incidence of WE among patients without a history of alcohol consumption, a pressing need was felt to(More)
for their useful comments Mark Oifton for sharmg his gambling knowledge and Jennifer for her love and support. Football is the world's most watched sport. This thesis investigates three related aspects of football in England using econometric techniques. An investigation of the reasons why people watch football, both live and televised matches is(More)
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