Nick Morley

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Visual systems that have evolved in nature appear to exercise a mechanism that places emphasis upon areas in a scene without necessarily recognising objects that lie in those areas. This paper describes the application of a new model of visual attention to the automatic assessment of the degree of DNA damage in cultured human lung fibroblasts. The visual(More)
Routine determination of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) is performed in numerous laboratories around the world using one of three families of methods: UV oxidation (UV), persulfate oxidation (PO), or high temperature combustion (HTC). Essentially all routine methods measure total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) and calculate DON by subtracting the dissolved(More)
BACKGROUND Pathologists are often faced with the dilemma of whether to recommend continuation of methotrexate therapy for psoriasis within the context of an existing pro-fibrogenic risk factor, in this instance, patients with genetic hemochromatosis. CASE PRESENTATIONS We describe our experience with two male psoriatic patients (A and B) on long term(More)
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