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This review describes recent molecular biological research on olfactory chemoreception in fishes. The recent rapid development of molecular biological techniques has provided new valuable information on the main and vomeronasal olfactory receptor (OR) genes, the axonal projection from ciliated, microvillous and crypt-olfactory receptor cells to the(More)
This paper presents a framework for identifying the legal risks associated with performing network forensics on public networks. The framework is discussed in the context of the Gnutella P2P network protocol for which the legal issues related to authorized access have not yet been addressed. 1. Introduction The analysis of legal issues related to(More)
Photometry is used as a cheap and easy way to estimate redshifts of galaxies, which would otherwise require considerable amounts of expensive telescope time. However, the analysis of photometric redshift datasets is a task where it is sometimes difficult to achieve a high classification accuracy. This work presents a custom Genetic Algorithm (GA) for mining(More)
Warm-water riverine fish assemblages were investigated downstream of an impoundment before and after thermal stratification and the associated cold-water pollution was prevented using an aeration system. Temperatures below the dam significantly increased after installation of the aeration system and this correlated with an increased abundance and greater(More)
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