Nick MacKinnon

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We present a multispectral digital colposcope (MDC) to measure multispectral autofluorescence and reflectance images of the cervix by using an inexpensive color CCD camera. The diagnostic ability of the MDC was evaluated by application of MDC spectral response to fluorescence and reflectance spectra measured from a large clinical trial. High diagnostic(More)
OBJECTIVE Fluorescence spectroscopy is a promising technology for the detection of cervical squamous intraepithelial precancers and cancers. To date, many investigators have focused on point spectroscopy as an adjunct to diagnostic colposcopy. A device that visualizes the whole field of the cervix is needed for screening. To that end, we have developed a(More)
In this study we use a multi-spectral digital microscope (MDM) to measure multi-spectral auto-fluorescence and reflectance images of the hamster cheek pouch model of DMBA (dimethylbenz[alpha]anthracene)- induced oral carcinogenesis. The multi-spectral images are analyzed both in the RGB (red, green, blue) color space as well as in the YCbCr (luminance,(More)
Digital colposcopy is a promising technology for the detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Automated analysis of colposcopic images could provide an inexpensive alternative to existing screening tools. Our goal is to develop a diagnostic tool that can automatically identify neoplastic tissue from digital images. A multispectral digital colposcope(More)
Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide and the leading cause of cancer mortality in women in developing countries. In the United States, over $6 billion is spent annually in the evaluation and treatment of low-grade lesions, many of which do not develop into full-blown cancer. In developing countries, however, the chief concern(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnostic ability of algorithms developed for the Multispectral Digital Colposcope (MDC) is highly dependent on the quality of the image. The field of objective medical image quality analysis has great potential but has not been well exploited. Various researchers have reported different measures of image quality but with an existence of a(More)
Chronic skin diseases like eczema may lead to severe health and financial consequences for patients if not detected and controlled early. Early measurement of disease severity, combined with a recommendation for skin protection and use of appropriate medication can prevent the disease from worsening. Current diagnosis can be costly and time-consuming. In(More)