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  • Nick Laskin
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2002
Some properties of the fractional Schrödinger equation are studied. We prove the Hermiticity of the fractional Hamilton operator and establish the parity conservation law for fractional quantum mechanics. As physical applications of the fractional Schrödinger equation we find the energy spectra of a hydrogenlike atom (fractional "Bohr atom") and of a(More)
A path integral approach to quantum physics has been developed. Fractional path integrals over the paths of the Lévy flights are defined. It is shown that if the fractality of the Brownian trajectories leads to standard quantum and statistical mechanics, then the fractality of the Lévy paths leads to fractional quantum mechanics and fractional statistical(More)
We introduce a general non-Gaussian, self-similar, stochastic process called the fractional Lévy motion (fLm). We formally expand the family of traditional fractal network traffic models, by including the fLm process. The main findings are the probability density function of the fLm process, several scaling results related to a singleserver infinite buffer(More)
In this work, we study chaos control and synchronization of the commensurate fractional order Liu system. Based on the stability theory of fractional order systems, the conditions of local stability of nonlinear three-dimensional commensurate fractional order systems are discussed. The existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of commensurate(More)
An impact of integration over the paths of the Lévy flights on the quantum mechanical kernel has been studied. Analytical expression for a free particle kernel has been obtained in terms of the Fox Hfunction. A new equation for the kernel of a partical in the box has been found. New general results include the well known quantum formulae for a free particle(More)
The fractional uncertainty relation is a mathematical formulation of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in the framework of fractional quantum mechanics. Two mistaken statements presented in the Comment have been revealed. The origin of each mistaken statement has been clarified and corrected statements have been made. A map between standard quantum(More)
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