Nick Jennings

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As the the number of deployed multi-agent applications increases, further and better experience with the technology is gained, enabling a strong evaluation of the field from a more practical perspective. In particular, questions relating to how the theory of multi-agent systems impacts on practice, and how the practical development itself compares with(More)
The provision of medical care typically involves a number of individuals, located in a number of different institutions, whose decisions and actions need to be coordinated if the care is to be effective and efficient. To facilitate this decision making and to ensure the coordination process runs smoothly, the use of software support is becoming increasingly(More)
1 INTRODUCTION Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, and expert systems technology in particular, has often been used to tackle the most difficult automation problems. This is especially true in industrial applications where conventional software and teams of operators were unable to cope with the demands of rapidly changing, complex environments. After(More)
Adversarial patrolling games (APGs) can be modeled as Stackelberg games where a patroller and an intruder compete. The former moves with the aim of detecting an intrusion , while the latter tries to intrude without being detected. In this paper, we introduce alarms in APGs, namely devices that can remotely inform the patroller about the presence of the(More)
We present an open-source toolkit that allows the easy comparison of the performance of active learning methods over a series of datasets. The toolkit allows such strategies to be constructed by combining a judgement aggregation model, task selection method and worker selection method. The toolkit also provides a user interface which allows researchers to(More)
Minimizing the energy consumed on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of residential buildings, without impacting occupants' comfort has been highlighted as an important artificial intelligence (AI) challenge. Typically, approaches that seek to address this challenge use a model that captures the thermal dynamics within a building, also(More)
Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates is designed to be the first modern city powered solely by renewable energy. However, the stochastic nature of renewable energy generators has remained a major challenge in their sole and large-scale deployment. Traditional approaches couple large-scale storage systems to renewable generators while more recent(More)
Today's service-oriented systems realize many ideas from the research conducted a decade or so ago in multiagent systems. Because these two fields are so deeply connected, further advances in multiagent systems could feed into tomorrow's successful service-oriented computing approaches.This article describes a 15-year roadmap for service-oriented multiagent(More)
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