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We present DIALEX, an inheritance-based tool that facilitates the rapid construction of linguistic knowledge bases. Simple lexical entries are added to an application-specific DATR lexicon that inherits morphosyntactic, syntactic, and lexico-semantic constraints from an application-independent set of structured base definitions. A lexicon generator expands(More)
This paper describes the language output component of the Sundial spoken dialogue system. Following a dialogue planning decision to produce an utterance, an utterance planning component derives a semantic description drawing on a model of speakers' knowledge of the domain. This semantic description is linguistically real-ised by a generation component which(More)
This paper describes the approach to belief modelling developed within the Sundial system. The system, playing the role of a cooperative agent in spoken dialogues, provides users with information in limited task domains. Two requirements on belief modelling are identiied. The rst is that the system must be capable of establishing relations between`surface'(More)
Dialogue material has been collected using bionic Wizard-of-Oz simulations of an automated voice-driven dialogue system; system turns, using rule-based speech synthesis, were systematically varied for both text and prosody. In a separate pilot experiment, subjects evaluated the system turns on a number of parameters. While they did not always clearly(More)