Nick J. Youd

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We present dialex, an inheritance-based tool which facilitates the rapid construction of linguistic knowledge bases. Simple lexical entries are added to an application-speciic datr lexicon which inherits morpho-syntactic, syntactic, and lexico-semantic constraints from an application-independent set of structured base deenitions. A lexicon generator expands(More)
This paper describes the component in the SUNDIAL spoken dialogue system responsible for semantic interpretation of user input. This component, thèbelief mod-ule', constructs interpretations using several sources of knowledge, including static knowledge deenitions and a dynamic model of dialogue context, and addresses the problem of the hypothetical nature(More)
Dialogue material has been collected using bionic Wizard-of-Oz simulations of an automated voice-driven dialogue system; system turns, using rule-based speech synthesis, were systematically varied for both text and prosody. In a separate pilot experiment, subjects evaluated the system turns on a number of parameters. While they did not always clearly(More)
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