Nick Ilsoe Berg

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This paper presents the physical construction and test results of two new demonstrators of a motor integrated permanent magnet gear (MIPMG), which is a second version of an already tested demonstrator. The demonstrators will be used as traction units for a battery electrical vehicle and the background for the specifications are elaborated. Simulated and(More)
This paper deals with the development of a magnetic lead screw (MLS) for wave energy conversion. Initially, a brief state of the art regarding linear permanent-magnet generators and MLSs is given, leading to an introduction of the MLS and a presentation of the results from a finite-element analysis used to find the magnetic forces. Furthermore, the force(More)
This paper investigates mechanical and magnetic losses in a magnetic lead screw (MLS). The MLS converts a low-speed high-force linear motion of a translator into a high-speed low-torque rotational motion of a rotor through helically shaped magnets. Initial tests performed with a novel 17-kN demonstrator and a simplified motor model showed an efficiency of(More)
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