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Formal Method Integration via Heterogeneous Notations Richard Freeman Paige Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Computer Science University of Toronto 1997 Method integration is the procedure of combining multiple methods to form a new technique. In the context of software engineering, this can involve combining speci cation techniques, rules and(More)
Acknowledgments This work was co-led by the first and second authors. The investigators and contributors thank WPCRI and UoG for their financial support of parts of the project on behalf of the team and collaborating managers. Coral reefs are severely threatened by climate change and human activities that challenge the natural resilience of these systems to(More)
Four students with severe, multiple disabilities learned to use four to five new skills at critical moments within age-appropriate activities. Instruction was provided only at moments critical to the continuation of the activities when natural cues and consequences delineated the need for the target behaviors. This method of intervention was combined with a(More)
Design of biomaterials and cellular scaffolds for tissue-engineering applications and regenerative medicine requires a precise understanding of the principles underlying multicellular patterning. Adhesion, migration, division, differentiation, and apoptosis are characteristic cellular behaviors, the engineering of which has the potential to allow creation(More)
i DECLARATION All sentences or passages quoted in this dissertation from other people's work have been specifically acknowledged by clear cross-referencing to author, work and page(s). Any illustrations which are not the work of the author of this dissertation have been used with the explicit permission of the originator and are specifically acknowledged. I(More)