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Infants should receive live trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine (TOPV) and DPT immunization as early in life as possible in order to minimize the time that they are at risk of contracting these vaccine-preventable diseases. Passively acquired circulating maternal antibodies provide protection in the 1st few weeks or months of life. Although these antibodies(More)
OBJECTIVE A recombinant lipoprotein outer surface protein A (OspA) Lyme disease (LD) vaccine (LYMErix) has been shown to be safe and effective in preventing LD in adults and in adolescents 15 years of age and older. Children are at risk for developing LD. This clinical study was conducted to address the safety and immunogenicity of LD vaccine in children 4(More)
Demand responsive transit (DRT) systems provide flexible transportation services where individual passengers request door-to-door rides by specifying desired pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Multiple shuttles service these requests in shared-ride mode without fixed routes and schedules. In this report, we define the online cost-sharing problem in(More)
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