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The Effect of Unemployment on Self-Reported Health and Mental Health in Greece from 2008 to 2013: A Longitudinal Study Before and During the Financial Crisis
  • Nick Drydakis
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 3 January 2015
The current study uses six annual waves of the Longitudinal Labor Market Study (LLMS) covering the 2008-2013 period to obtain longitudinal estimations suggesting statistically significant negativeExpand
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Ethnic Discrimination in the Greek Labour Market: Occupational Access, Insurance Coverage and Wage Offers
By means of a field experiment we investigate whether low-skilled male Albanians face discrimination in the Greek labour market. To test for discrimination in occupational access, curriculum vitaeExpand
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Sexual orientation discrimination in the labour market
This research examines the possible discrimination faced by gay men compared to heterosexuals when applying for jobs in the Greek private sector. This issue was addressed through the observation ofExpand
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Women's Sexual Orientation and Labor Market Outcomes in Greece
Abstract This study is the first to use a field experiment to provide information on the relationship between women being lesbian and their hiring prospects in Greece. Data for 2007–8 supportExpand
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Sexual orientation discrimination in the United Kingdom’s labour market: A field experiment
Deviations from heteronormativity affect labour market dynamics. Hierarchies of sexual orientation can result in job dismissals, wage discrimination and the failure to promote gay and lesbianExpand
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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Cypriot Labour Market: Distastes or Uncertainty?
Sexual orientation and employment bias is examined in Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos) by implementing an experiment for the period 2010-2011. The design is aimed atExpand
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The effect of ethnic identity on the employment of immigrants
This study evaluates the effect of ethnic identity on the employment level of immigrants in Greece. Treating ethnic identity as a composite of key cultural elements the estimations suggest thatExpand
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Bullying at School and Labour Market Outcomes
This study examines the long-term correlates of bullying in school with aspects of functioning in adult employment outcomes. Bullying is considered and evaluated as a proxy for unmeasuredExpand
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Estimating ethnic discrimination in the labour market using experimental data
Using a field experiment for the period 2008–2009, we examine the impact of ethnicity on women’s labour market outcomes four years after the national adoption of the European Racial and EmploymentExpand
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Religious Affiliation and Employment Bias in the Labor Market
Religious affiliation and employment bias is examined in Athens, Greece by implementing an experimental field study. Labor market outcomes (occupation access, entry wage, and wait time for call back)Expand
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